PUBLIC & Walsh  

We were asked by PUBLIC bikes, who create bikes for city and commuter riding, to design a poster inspired by cities and bikes. The final poster was created with 4,209 bike chain links.

Quote from the PUBLIC website — "Rendering a mechanical object into something beautiful, decorative, and lyrical requires special talents. We usually take chains for granted. But they are one of the smartest and most efficient industrial designs ever invented, like the common zipper. This piece asks us to see everyday objects in a fresh way. Look closely at the details to this piece, like the way the bike links turn to make angles, so realistic. Follow the chain link borders- and this will make your head spin, as Sagmeister has been doing for decades."

Sagmeister & Walsh, 2012

Disciplines: Print

Creative Direction: Stefan Sagmeister
Design: Jessica Walsh
Photography: Mario de Armas
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