Laneige 2021  

Laneige is a South Korean cosmetics brand that uses the progressive scientific research around water as their key ingredient for moisturizing products. For the second year in a row, we’ve created a series of 3D animated videos to capture the illuminating & hydrating qualities of Laneige Products.

Each video explores the essence & power of water across floral gardens, magical landscapes, and unconventional obstacles. All of the videos tie into one another through a strong visual language of surrealism, luminescence, and dusky colors that reflect the entire Laneige brand. The videos showcase the power of water with beautiful delicacy. The soft hues of light and overall feel were inspired by the serenity and calm of each product, reflecting Laneige’s promise.

Disciplines: Advertising

Client: Adeline — 김연지, Susie — 윤수지, Jane Kim 김효정 at Laneige
Creative Direction: Jessica Walsh
Copywriting: Stephanie Halovanic
Production: Rinny Shim, Sam Galvao, Allison Raich, Kasia Sasinowska, Ramya Shankar
Lead Designer: Soomin Jung, Rachel Denti
Design: Sanchit Sawaria, Elinor O’Brien, Sasyk Mihal, Lucas Luz, Jada Akoto, Matt Roop, Simoul Alva, Jenny Jiang, Danae Gosset, Anna Butkhuzi, Alexandre Tamisier, Alessio Devecchi, Miki Nemcek, Katyayani Singh, Rachel Denti, Sebastian Anastasiei, Aqua Xie, Gabriel Abascal, Marina Glikman, Jess Gracia
3D Animation: Gökhan Tekin, Smisko Ackerman, Molly Smisko, Nacho Velasco, Julia Mazykina, David Porte Beckefeld
Audio and Music: Lewis Clarke, Danae Gosset
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