Fable & Mane  

Fable & Mane is a modern hair wellness brand of conscious and potent plant-based products, inspired by Indian beauty secrets. The family owned business shares generation-old beauty secrets passed down from matriarchs and fables, creating products that awaken the lion within each of us to create beautiful healthy manes.

Fable & Mane came to us to create images that tell a story. We created three images utilizing photography, art direction and copywriting to convey the deep narrative behind each of the brand’s products.

Disciplines: Photography, Social

Creative Direction: Jessica Walsh
Copywriting: Stephanie Halovanic
Production: Gosbinda Vizarretea
Photography: Sarah Hopp
Lead Design, Props, Styling: Arielle Casale
Retouching: Sarah Hopp, Daniel Plateado
Botanical Artist: Wife
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