12 Kinds of Kindness  

Two self-centered New Yorkers, often focused on what’s ahead instead of what’s around them, created a series of 12 steps as a way to become kinder, more empathetic people.

As a resolution, we created an experiment, modeled after traditional 12-step recovery programs, designed to explore and address our own apathy and selfishness. We engaged in acts of kindness that ranged
from offering strangers money to reconnecting with estranged loved ones. We also did things like smile at people, search for lost pets and post “How Can We
Help You?” flyers.

We published our journey daily from January to February 2016. The project is largely driven by our vulnerability, which is real and palpable. We have shared parts of our personal lives online as a catalyst to tell
a story.

Sagmeister &Walsh, 2016

Disciplines: Digital, Social

Creators / Creative Directors: Jessica Walsh, Timothy Goodman
Films Concepts: Timothy Goodman, Jessica Walsh, Daniel Forero, Aron Filkey, Zak Mulligan
Film-makers: Natalie Holt, Jason Bergman, Zak Mulligan + Giacomo Francia ( in Association with Public Record), Geoffrey Levy + Jason Bergman, Bas Berkhout, Brian Frank, Liron Ashkenazi
Illustrators: Jessica Walsh, Timothy Goodman, Leah Schmidt and Leah Goren
Copy Editing: Jennifer Schaffer
Animation: Santiago Carrasquilla
Editing: Molly Brunk, Mah Ferraz, Brian Frank, Liron Ashkenazi
Website: Coding: Gisle Nes, Design: Jessica Walsh, Timothy Goodman
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