Tictail x LW&D

Posted November 28th, 2018

This past year, we hosted a small exhibition of the No Filter series at Tictail, a retail intermediary on the Lower East Side that solely highlights makers and their goods, including clothing, jewelry & art. As part of Tictail’s monthly mural series, we designed a Ladies, Wine & Design mural that was painted on the outside of the Tictail store, getting more eyes on the organization & our mission to champion underrepresented creatives everywhere.

Image gallery

No Filter is a photography series that started on Jessica Walsh’s Instagram based on the thoughts she has in her head. Starting as a collection of typographic posters Jessica made by hand, the No Filter sayings were brought to life using set design, photography and custom typography for every image. No Filter posters & merch are sold to benefit our non-profit organization Ladies, Wine & Design, an initiative we created to help champion and foster women in the creative industry.

Image gallery

We kicked off our LW&D mural takeover with a mini exhibition of the No Filter series held at Tictail. The exhibition featured select images from the No Filter series & we sold posters, pins and merch in support of Ladies, Wine & Design.

All the images in the No Filter series are shot in-house at our studio. The style is inspired by vintage package design, with an overall 70s look & feel for the art direction & styling. The sets are created using everything from Etsy finds to flea markets treasures to personal gems from our own grandmothers’ closets. We aim to recreate characters we imagine might have inhabited the vintage clothes we find, giving each image its own unique personality. Each photo celebrates the mundane, inconvenient, unpolished & subversive quirks that we all experience. Reaching the end of our series with nearly 200 total images, we’d like to thank all the odd props & grandmothers everywhere for inspiring us along the way.

You can view the No Filter series on our website & purchase merch to support Ladies, Wine & Design at the Sorry I Have No Filter website.