Design Museum Holon: A retrospective of our work

Posted June 8th, 2018

The Design Museum of Holon held a retrospective of our work, with a musuem takeover titled Sagmeister & Walsh: A Retrospective.


The Design Museum Holon is the first museum in Israel dedicated to design, located in the town of Holon, just outside of Tel Aviv. Every 5 months, the museum rotates exhibitions within their gallery space, inviting select designers to fully take over the space. Inside of Ron Arad’s architecturally beautiful building, designers are encouraged to transform the space into an interactive & fully immersive display of their work. From top designers to fashion icons to private Israeli collections, the museum has been home to the work of some of the world’s best designers.

With select pieces of our work from a variety of mediums, we took over the walls of the entire museum, spanning two full floors. We displayed over 70 pieces of our work, including branding, advertising, art installations & our self-initiated projects. The installation included video projections, interactive pieces, sketches & posters.

TimeOut Israel wrote “Using various techniques, expressive tools, and unconventional materials, Sagmeister & Walsh breathe new life into Marshall McLuhan's well-known phrase: ‘The medium is the message’,” says Maya Dvash, the museum's Chief Curator. "Their subjective approach, which involves a playful engagement with the viewers' senses, gives rise to unforgettable images, while encouraging viewers to think about the images we consume and produce in our everyday lives."

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